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Sunday July 7th 2019
Most of the club's members filmed at the Broughton Castle Cycle Event.
We filmed at various locations over the three days, from the putting out of route markers with the Scouts to filming the hundreds of cyclists with drones. The weather was good and we hope to put together an interesting film of the event for the Rotary Club, who organise the event.
Cycle Event Info


September 9th 2018
Most of the clubs members had a fun day out filming the Northleach Steam and Vintage Fair.

Our chairman edited the footage and you can see it on YouTube, below:.


January 2018
Our secretary wrote a piece about the clubs activities in this months North Thames Region IAC newsletter:
Jan-Feb 2018 NTRIAC Newsletter


November 2017
The club entered three films into the North Thames Region IAC competition.
We came 8th with our Oxford Canal film.
2017 NTRIAC Competition Results

Vimeo Competition entries page.


Thursday November 9th 2017
Several club members filmed the reopening of St Marys Church in Woodstock, after several months of refurbishments.
Two club members had spent a lot of time filming the work going on over the period of work and will produce
a film for the church archives.


6th February 2017
It was with great sadness that the club learnt of the death of John Ferris, the proprietor of the Northleach Mechanical Music Museum, in a car accident on January 19th. He had been a great help to us with putting together our film of the museum.
Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Death announcement


Saturday August 6th 2016
We filmed the Mock Mayor celebrations in Woodstock. The festivities started at 2pm and several club members
filmed the event to be given to Woodstock film archives.

Monday October 26th 2015
We heard all about the IAC annual conference which was attended by two of our members. It sounded like a very interesting event which, as a new club to joining the IAC, we hope to send more members to in the future.
We also heard that the IAC very kindly welcomed the Woodstock Video Club to the IAC in their latest North Thames Region newsletter, which can be viewed, here.

Monday March 9th 2015
We had an evening to showcase the Canal Project film which the club made last year.
We had a full house and also invited a few famous faces from the film including Matthew Armitage and Owen Green to see it.


Monday March 10th 2014
We held the clubs AGM. All committee members agreed to carry on in their present roles. The new chairman, John Sutherland, again thanked Bob for his time as chairman.
We also saw Roy Noble's remote control water borne camera.


Monday September 9th 2013
It was with sadness that the club accepted the resignation of Bob Wheeler as it's chairman. He had done a fantastic job of steering the club through it's initial years and participated in making many club films, especially the choir and Combe mill projects for which his editing skills were very useful. He will be missed as chairman but will hopefully continue to make fantastic films for the club. The new chairman, John Sutherland, thanked Bob for his service at the meeting on Monday night.


Thursday July 11th 2013
Most of the clubs members met at Kirtlington Quarry to do some filming and to discuss the start of the club's canal project, which we aim to start with a five minute piece about Kirtlington Quarry, due to it's having a wharf adjacent to the canal.


Saturday January 5th 2013
On 5th January, the Wychwood Project hosted a Foxburrow Wood Welcome Trail Opening Celebration.
The Wychwood Project focuses on the former Royal hunting Forest of Wychwood. It encourages people to understand, conserve and restore its rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats. The Wychwood Project area includes 41 parishes, some 120 square miles. Click here for information


November 2nd 2012
The club was featured heavily in a Channel 4 documentary called Aristocrats - Blenheim Palace, where members were seen filming at the Woodstock Jubilee and the lighting of the beacon at night.


November 2nd 2012
The club worked on films to show at the Lord Mayors Reception on the 30th November at Woodstock Community Hall. The Lord Mayor showed our Jubilee film, which was filmed by several members of the club and edited by Brian Battrick. We also showed our Olympic Torch and Marlborough School Choir films on a television set up in the hall so that the guests could watch them if they wish.

June 2nd/3rd 2012
We filmed the Woodstock Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd of June.
We started off with a procession on Sunday of local dignitaries to Saint Marys Church.
Then, on Monday we filmed a lunch for residents of Woodstock, lead by the Mayor and Mayoress.
At 2:15 the Duke of Marlborough opened the celebrations in the Town Square with music and stalls.
Then in the evening we finished our filming with the lighting of the jubilee beacon in the grounds of Blenheim Palace, which was well attended and afforded a fantastic view of the Palace at night, reflected in the lake.

Previous Club Evenings

Monday September 2nd 2019
The evening started with a fascinating and enlightening talk by Jan Thomas a professional scriptwriter of theatre pieces and childrens book.
She told us about opening your story with a 'catalyst' situation, opening and closing your story with opposite images and providing a character arc for your main character, amongst other useful information.
See our books list for two books on scriptwriting which Jan recommended.

Monday March 25th 2019
We had our annual AGM. Brian Battrick and the rest of the committee agreed to stand for another year and then we watched some IAC films.

Monday July 23rd 2018
We had an outing to Lower Heyford to film and then socialise at the Bell pub.

Monday June 25th 2018
We were treated to a very interesting talk by Richard Simmons about the various types of microphones and their uses.

Monday April 23rd 2018
Bob Wheeler gave us a very interesting talk on drones.

Monday March 24th 2017
We had our club AGM, then discussed forthcoming club projects including making a film about the Thames,
the renovation of St Mary's Church in Woodstock and Bloxham Steam Rally.

Monday September 26th 2016
We watched an early version of the Mock Mayor film which is being edited by our chairman
and also half of the Mechanical Music Museum films which are in the process of being edited.

May 23rd 2016
We had an evening showing the Bicester Camera Club some of our films.

July 27th 2015
We had a fun talk and practical evening discussing and trying out interview techniques.

June 22nd 2015
We were given a very interesting talk about microphones by our resident sound experts Richard and Peta Simmons.
We were shown all sorts of microphones which are available for every application including tie clips, desk, boom and shotgun. We were given advice on which sort to buy for our cameras and how much money we should spend, the lady problem (sibilance), how not to wear jewellery, which sort of conection is best (xlr) and much more.

July 14th 2014
We watched the three entries to Bob's Cassington Bike Meeting competition which were well recieved.
The Oxford canal project was discussed and members agreed to provide footage to Peta for view so as to decide what additional footage is needed.

February 10th 2014
We had a ladies night, primarily to show the finished Kirtlington Quarry film to the two interviewees, Owen Green and Stuart Mabbutt. We watched the film and then saw some other club members films including a test by Bob Wheeler made using his new quad copter, which he also demonstrated.
Here is a link to a video clip of the copter: Phantom Quadcopter

We also watched a film about a Vulcan bomber, a trip around Wolvercote and several short films including a Jelly Baby!

January 28th 2013
We saw several adverts made by club members, which should have been shown on the cancelled meeting. We then saw a very good two minute film on Transport featuring roving reporter, Rupert. We then watched a rough edit of the clubs Combe Mill restoration film.

December 10th 2012
We had a talk on putting music to films, including choosing the correct style for your film, sources of music and copyright laws.
We were shown lots of examples of how music can enhance or even change the mood of a film.
Richard and Peta talked about Creative Commons music which is music that can be used by others under creative commons licenses so people can share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright.
Click here for more information

We were recommended books by Jay Rose called "Great Sound for Digital Video" and "Post Production for Digital Video."
Click here to see Jay Rose's Amazon page


November 26th 2012
The use of the Green Screen. John Sutherland showed us his blue screen and the retro-reflective cloth and LED ring which can be used for chroma-keying. He then showed us how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to remove a background from a video.
We also watched the finished Woodstock Jubilee film made and edited by the club.  

November 12th 2012
A talk on Animation which included information on the history of animation, programs that can be used and examples of stop motion, 2D and computer animation.
We ended the evening looking at 3D films and pictures taken by club members, including a stone age body which literally jumped out of the screen!

October 22nd 2012
The evening started with John Whitlock showing some fascinating old films of Woodstock, including the laying of Marlborough Schools foundation stone and when the Queen visited Woodstock after her coronation. We had extended an invitation to the Ladybirds Club of Woodstock who came along and we hope enjoyed watching our films. They also saw some of our Making a cup of Tea competition entries and films of the Long Hanborough Bus Mueeum and Combe Mill, which is an ongoing project for the club.

July 23rd 2012
We had a visit from Buckingham Camera Club. We showed a selection of films from our archive and then they showed a selection of their photographs, printed and as A/V. It was a very interesting evening.

June 25th 2012
We had a photographic evening. All members that came showed a selection of photographs. An external judge from Kidlington camera club gave us comments and judged the winners. A very informative evening for members interested in photography.

June 11th 2012
We started by viewing the results of the competition, "How to make a pot of tea." We had a good range of films that included John Days informative film about Binnie Hale and John Simmons tale of poisoning!
We then watched a version of last years Forest Fair film for the Wychwood Project that had been filmed by the club and edited by Bob and Roy Noble.

Tuesday May 15th 2012
The evening started with a very interesting film from club member Roy Noble about the Woodstock Wall hangings in preparation for the clubs Jubilee filming. Also several films were shown that were made from photographs.

May 9th 2011
Club member Roy Noble presented a fascinating film and talk on the project that rebuilt the last surviving WW2 hurricane plane.

June 13th 2011
Club chairman Bob Wheeler provided an interesting insight into his 30+ years experience of Wedding Photography and shared some valuable skills that he learnt throughout the years. He showed many photographs illustrating the techniques he used.

June 27th 2011
The room was divided into four areas and John Whitlock talked about editing using Serif, Nigel Batts demonstrated stop frame animation, John Banbury showed stills and talked about editing techniques and Bob Wheeler set up a studio area to workshop interviewing techniques.


August 8th 2011
We had a walk around Woodstock, led by John Banbury, who gave us a fascinating talk on the Architecture of the Town. Then, those of us with a head for heights, ascended St Mary's church tower to take video of Woodstock and Blenheim Palace grounds.

August 22nd 2011
Club member John Banbury talked on making a shooting script and list when starting a project.


September 4th 2011
The club attended Wychwood Forest Fair which we filmed and also had a stall demonstrating editing, green screening and showing films made by members.


September 12th 2011
Bob Wheeler showed the progress of the film taken of the Marlborough School Choir, a complex five camera shoot which was taken for the school and edited by Bob.